The Way of St. James, one of the world’s foremost routes of pilgrimage, has for centuries flooded the Valley with Romanesque and other, particularly French influences, which may well account for the vines that occupy a large part of the Valley of NEKEAS.An obligatory passing point for pilgrims from all over Europe following the old French Way, now the Aragonese Way, the boundaries of our vineyards mark the course of the path over the Sixth stage of the route that runs through Navarrese territory from Monreal to Puente La Reina.

As for Romanesque influences, there are numerous chapels lining the route as it makes its way past Yárnoz, Otano, Guerendiain and Tiebas, the Chapel of Santa María de Eunate standing out above them all. Built in the second half of the XII century, this Romanesque chapel with its octagonal floor plan represents the end of this emblematic route before it joins the modern, more common French Way, which begins in Roncesvalles.

A route of great beauty due to the outstanding landscapes it passes, pilgrims are caught up by a strange feeling of freedom which remains in their memories for ever. The NEKEAS vineyards are partly responsible for this beauty and, particularly at the end of the summer, can also help provide pilgrims with some of the strength they will need for the rest of their arduous journey.


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